GigTown is different from any other live music platform, because it eliminates the most frustrating steps of hiring a live musician: 

  1. Contacting artists separately for availability and price. 

  2. Having to go through an agent or company to communicate with the artist. GigTown provides direct contact info for artists that submit to your gig. 

GigTown allows the host to enter their own offer amount, and artists will submit for that event if they are available and interested. When an artist submits, you get immediate access to their direct contact information. It's that simple!

Before entering your posting offer, it's wise to consider the universal rule when hiring an artist: You get what you pay for! 

If you post a $50 budget for a 4 hour gig, don't count on getting any quality submissions. If you post a $1000 budget for a 2 hour solo gig, you'll get dozens of top quality submissions. 

All that being said, we realize that this might be your first time hiring an artist and you're not sure what you should be spending. So we put together some guidance based on professional artist feedback and our own experience. 

Please keep in mind, these are recommendations based on our experience. If you still have questions, please contact us at

Private Parties and Corporate Events

If you're hosting a cocktail party at your home, or need some live entertainment for your holiday party at work, we recommend the following budgets to attract high quality and professional artists:  

Sound / Lighting Provided (not very common): 

Soloist: $100 - $200 / hour
Duo: $250-$300 / hour
Full Band $500+ / hour

Artist to Provide Sound (most common): 

Soloist: $200 / hour
Duo: $350 / hour
Full Band $750 - $1000 / hour

Restaurants or Bars with recurring schedules

If you're looking to start a music program at your restaurant, it's important to not only consider the musicianship of the artist, but also their professionalism. Most professional artists will not play for less than $100 per hour. Professional artists will provide a great atmosphere for your existing clientele, and keep them coming back for more. In addition to the fee, we recommend providing comped meal, as many artists will be encouraged to submit for gigs if they are treated well by the staff. 

Sound System: Most artists assume they will be providing their own PA system for restaurant gigs. 


2 Hours (minimum): $200 - $250
3 Hours: $300-$350
4 Hours: $400+ 


2 Hours (minimum): $250 - $350
3 Hours: $300 - $400
4 Hours: $400-$500

Trios / Quartets

2 Hours (minimum): $250 - $400
3 Hours: $300 - $450
4 Hours: $400 - $800

Still need assistance with your budget? No problem, you can contact us directly at We'd love to hear from you!

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