Big announcement! We’re making some changes to GigTown that will effect how Post-a-Gig works. All confirmed gigs up until that date will not be affected, but any gigs posted after September 15th will fall under the new system. Please read below, and as always feel free to reach out to with any questions.

Payment processing will no longer be facilitated through GigTown. Event hosts are free to contact you directly to work out payment details, and you are free negotiate your own terms for accepting gig offers. 

Here are some more details on how GigTown will work moving forward: 

  1. Post-a-Gig: Post-a-Gig will still work the same, but instead of requiring the host to confirm on the platform, the host will be able to contact you and confirm directly. This change will allow for more flexible payment methods, and the option for artists to use their own performance contracts. 

  2. No Booking Fees: Instead of operating as an online booking agency, GigTown will be a tool for people to access local musicians directly, with no costs to musicians. 

  3. Contact info: When you submit for a gig, you are authorizing GigTown to reveal your email and phone number to event hosts. Your contact info WILL NOT be revealed anywhere else on GigTown unless you submit for a gig. Users will be able to send you a message with a masked email address, if they visit your artist profile. 

  4. Transactions: Transactions will not be processed through GigTown. You will be responsible for procuring payment from the host. (Exception: GigTownPRO is active in certain regions, in which case payment to artist will still occur- this is very rare and not a common feature for a majority of artists on GigTown)

  5. Sorting Priority: GigScore, the algorithm that determines the order in which artist submissions are sorted, will remain the same. The more fans, shows, ratings and reviews you have accumulated on GigTown, the higher your gig submissions will rank. 

Finally, thank you for being a part of GigTown. As a company owned and operated by musicians and lovers of live music, we sincerely appreciate your time and dedication to the craft. As always, please send us your feedback or questions. We’re a small team, but do our best to get back to everyone who reaches out. 


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