Does GigTown process payments?

GigTown connects artists with event hosts, but does not facilitate official confirmations, or payments

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GigTown no longer facilitates payments between event hosts and artists*

When GigTown first started, we required a user to pay the artists through the platform with a credit card. After a while we realized that it's much easier for everyone if the event hosts can work out payments directly with the artists. 

We've also opened up GigTown to let hosts contact artists directly, rather than require communication flow through GigTown's messaging system. Here is what happens when an Artist Submits to a gig, the only instance when contact info will be revealed to the host. 


Any user that has a GigTown account can now message artists directly, for bookings or just to say "Hi". The artist will receive an email with the users contact info, so you can reply if your'e interested and available for the gig offer. 

At the end of the day, we want local artists to have more performing opportunities, and make it incredibly easy to find out who is playing around town. 

Have questions? Please contact us at 

*GigTownPRO is active in certain regions and will facilitate payments to artists, but this is not common for the average GigTown artist. For more info on GigTownPRO, please send us message

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