How do I submit for postings?

Here's how you can submit for open postings on GigTown.

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GigTown is your gateway to open gig opportunities in your local area. All approved artists on GigTown have access to gigs posted by restaurants, bars, private event hosts and corporate clients. Submitting to gig postings is very easy, and there are several different ways to access the open gigs that are posted on GigTown. 

Before you start submitting for gigs, here's some important info to consider:  

  • By submitting to a gig posting, you are giving permission to the user to contact you directly through email or phone. 

  • Your artist profile content is incredibly important when being considered for a gig.

  • While GigTown is completely free for artists and there is no way to “buy your way to the top”, several factors can help place your bid higher on the submissions list, so please read this article to learn more about artist rankings

How to Submit From Your Computer

Make sure you are logged in, and head to

Depending on your location, you should see a listing of open gig opportunities in your area. 

Each posting contains a details section which includes information such as event title, description, budget offer, date, time, artist format desired, and location.

To see an expanded view, click Show Details.

Once you see a gig that's right for you, just click Submit for Gig. 

You will be asked to send the host a message with your submission. This is a great opportunity to tell the host exactly why you are the right act for the gig. We recommend being clear, concise and provide some information about what types of repertoire you have that aren't represented in your video. 

What happens now? 

The host has 14 days to contact artists before the posting expires. This is what they see, in addition to your artist profile. 

Important note: If you are contacted by the event host about playing a gig, it is your responsibility to work out confirmation details and payment. As of September 15th 2018, GigTown does not facilitate payment for gigs. (exception for GigTownPRO which is active in certain regions)

You can view all of your active submissions by going to in your manager dashboard.

How to submit from iOS or Android 

The GigTown Platform is accessible by web or the free GigTown mobile app (App Store / Google Play). The process is virtually the same and your actions will be reflected synchronously, but the app provides a different user experience and convenience on the go. Here's how to submit to gigs on your iPhone or Android device:

  1. Make sure you're logged in with the same username or email you used to create your artist profile

  2. Tap Me on the bottom tab bar on iOS, or open the left menu on Android.

  3. Tap Browse Gigs and More

  4. Tap Browse Gigs

  5. Scroll through the gigs and follow the same steps as above!

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