How do I add songs to my profile?

Here's how you can upload and manage your songs on GigTown.

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Songs are a great way attract new GigTown fans and showcase your talents that aren't presented in your featured video. Here's some tips to remember before uploading your songs. 

  • All content must be uploaded from a computer

  • Showcase your best material

  • The first 20 seconds of a mix are the most important from a booking perspective

  • Provide a variety of repertoire if possible

  • You must have ownership or permission to use the songs on your profile!

How to upload a new song

  1. Sign in and head to, or click Edit Profile on the left side of your manager dashboard

  2. Click Songs

  3. Click Browse and select your song file (.mp3 or .wav file, max 30 minutes long)

  4. Once your song is uploaded, select genres that fit. Genre is very important, it determines what types of gigs for which you will be notified. You may also change the order in which these songs appear, using the little orange arrows under each song.

  5. Make sure to click Save Changes when you're done!

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