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I want more gigs! How can I improve my chances of getting booked?
I want more gigs! How can I improve my chances of getting booked?

Read these best practices and recommendations for increasing your "bookability" on GigTown.

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What is the secret to booking gigs? 

If you had the opportunity to play one song for the entire world, which one would you choose? Wouldn't you play the song that highlights your best attributes as a performer?

Your GigTown profile is a great way to do just that. Show venues and event hosts that you are a quality artist with a great personality, and will act professionally in any situation. After all, seasoned talent buyers and first-time bookers are all looking for the same thing; Great music, great people, no hassle. 

We've been at this for quite a while, and have noticed some trends in what makes an artist standout in a submissions list. We hope this helps!

Submit for the gigs that are right for you

There's been a wide variety of open gigs on GigTown, spanning from $20 open mic sets to $5,000 corporate events. It might be tempting to submit yourself for every gig no matter what it is, and hope for the best. The old "Spray and Pray". But that doesn't really work. It takes up your time and importantly, the booker's time. 

If you're a solo guitarist, and the host is asking for a 80's tribute band with a $2,000 budget, you should probably skip that one. It's not that you wouldn't put on a great performance, but it shows the booker that you didn't bother to read the gig description, or you don't agree with what type of artist they want for their own event. 

Add your upcoming shows

Show people you are in demand! Always make sure to list all of your shows on GigTown. Not only does it help your artist ranking on GigTown, but a packed calendar gives people the impression you are in high demand, which is a great thing!

Artist photo

The photo is the first thing bookers see when they are scrolling down the list of submissions. If they don't get past the photo, they won't see anything else! With all of the technology out there, it's relatively easy to get a decent shot that represents you. If you need some inspiration, just check out some out of the artists on GigTown. You'll quickly see that the quality photos stick out. Avoid photos of your logo, the more personal and the more the booker can actually see your face, the better!

Live video

Honesty is always the best policy. Remember, the purpose of the artist video is to showcase your talents as a live performer. No one is expecting an over-produced music video that costs you a bunch of money, but doesn't express who you really are. We've seen plenty of artists get booked with a simple video filmed with an iPhone. If your looking to improve your video content on GigTown, we suggest having one of your friends record your set at your next gig, and then pick a song or two to upload to YouTube and use as your video.

Be professional! 

When submitting for a gig, artists are required to leave a message for the event hosts. This is your chance to let the booker know that you're very easy to work with, not just a talented musician. Here's an example of an effective submission message:

"Hello! Thank you for considering me. Based on the description, I think I'd be a great fit for your event. I have a quality sound system, and can accomodate any song requests if you let me know in advance. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Sam"

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