How do I add my shows to GigTown?

Adding your upcoming shows helps your artist ranking and showcases your music schedule to fans and GigTown users.

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There are plenty of websites that show you when the big national acts are coming to town, but GigTown is all about local music. We provide fans with a premium show calendar for every restaurant, bar and venue that hosts live local music. 

What if I didn't book my shows through GigTown? 

If your show is booked through GigTown, it will automatically be added to your artist profile, venue calendar, shows page. But we realize you're hard at work playing all the gigs you can, so we've made it incredibly easy to add your entire music schedule to GigTown. 

GigTip: Not only will 'Adding Shows' let your fans and potential clients know when you're playing, but the more shows that appear on your artist profile, the higher your artist ranking. 

How to Add Your Shows to GigTown from a Computer

Head over to your Artist Manager ( If you have multiple artist accounts, select the artist for which you are adding a show, by using the dropdown menu

Click Add Show

Select a Venue   

If you've added shows before, you're previous shows will be listed under Recent          Venues but to add new venues, click Other Venues on the top right. 

Select Dates

If you have a residency at the venue, You're able to select multiple dates for the same venue.

Once you've selected a venue, dates and start time, just click Add Shows and you're shows will be automatically added to GigTown! 

How to Add Shows from iOS or Android 

The GigTown Platform is accessible by web or the free GigTown mobile app (App Store / Google Play). The process is virtually the same and your actions will be reflected synchronously, but the app provides a different user experience and convenience on the go. Here's how to Add Shows on your iPhone or Android device:

  1. Make sure you're logged in with the same username or email you used to create your artist profile

  2. Tap Me on the bottom tab bar on iOS, or open the left menu on Android.

  3. Tap Browse Gigs and More

  4. Tap Add/Promote Shows

  5. Follow the Prompts by selecting a venue, date(s) and start time. 

  6. Just press Submit Shows and you're good to go! 

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